break the ice

so, i stole this from facebook, posted it to my myspace, and am recycling it to break the ice here. wtfe. it wrks for me.  and, honestly, i like my randoms(, if i could only get my brother to get on the internet networking/socializing tip, cuz the randoms he was coming up with today in the car were amazing).

so, here it is: 25 random things abt me...

1. i almost married a boy in south africa so i could stay there

2. patriotic songs make me cry

3. championship games in any sport, incl the olympics, also make me cry

4. i love the canadian national anthem

5. every time i listen to young jeezy i think i'm a fkn gangster

6. i am afraid i'm gonna be a nazi sports mom and take all the fun out of them for rossi (my son)

7. my favorite place to dance is the car

8. i have an alter ego/imaginary soulmate/best friend named veronica

9. i dream of moving to the west coast

10. when i go out i usually only check out hispanic and black guys

11. laundry is my favorite house chore

12. i enjoyed being pregnant more than actually taking care of a baby

13. i consider a girl i've nvr met that lives in oregon, whom i've only actually spoken to once on the phone, and is an (ex?)boyfriend's exgirlfriend one of the best friends i've ever had/have

14. i could watch ncis and twilight forever and never get bored

15. i like watching disney&nickelodeon sitcoms like wizards of waverly place&drake and josh

16. i love penpaling

17. i always thought mvg back to ny would mean i failed miserably at life, but i'm starting to change my mind

18. no matter how hard i try i can nvr like the boys that i should be with and do anything to be with the boys i shouldn't

19. felonies turn me on, seriously (i have issues)

20. i have considered writing a book a million times but have no idea how to start

21. i feel like i missed out on a lot b/c i haven't been to many parties or weddings and such

22. i like considering my family to pretty much be me ross(my son) mom ross(my brother) grandma and a handful of cousins

23. but i've always wished i had a huge, close extended family

24. i nvr learn to be less forthcoming, open and/or trusting, even when i wish i could

25. i believe that when i die, heaven is cedar point (no joke)

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