Bring Back the "N" Word

Ok. I know what you are thinking? What kind of racist idiot am I? Well, I'm the opposite of racist.  In fact I'm probably more anti-hate than many of you.  I just don't understand how Ebaum can ban one word and let so many others be used.  Why in the hell is nigger banned yet fag, which is equally, if not more offensive allowed.  Also by censoring the word are you not just giving more power and shock value to it?  I can't believe with all the shit Ebaums post on it's site, the word nigger is not allowed.  Banning the word is not a solution to hate, in fact it just burries the problem and distracts people from the real fundamentals that people need to deal with in the first place.  If the word was never used again then people would find new ways to express hate against black people. Btw, why am I not able to say "nigger" and yet I am able to say "Black people are lazy chicken eating porch monkies."  Am I the only one that sees how stupied this whole thing is? So Ebaum either ban all offensive words, or bring back the "N" word!

Uploaded 05/06/2008
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