British have Fashion Sense.

We have plenty to thank the British for, they discovered limes cured scurvy, so now we call them Limeys, which is fun. They convinced the Canadians to go and conquer the Germans during the two great wars. Seriously, the Brits brought about the industrial revolution with their coal fired furnaces and steam powered engines. People entered into factories to fabricate widgets and today that has blossomed into the modern sweat shop.

The depth and breadth of the contributions our English cousins have made is truly remarkable, non so much as their legendary fashion industry. From trench coats to trousers, from bloomers to rubbers the English have had an iron grip upon the fashion industry. Lets take a look at the majestic accomplishments these great people have given to mankind.

Bloomers. These were first used to protect outerwear from becoming soiled from the effects of Bubble and Squeak, a traditional English treat.


Crooked Loose Teeth. While not considered clothing, it does offer a rather curious cultural flair.
Here we see how it has crossed into the cultural diversification of the nation.

The British are known for their overcoats due to constant rainy conditions. Let us explore. A typical English lady out for a stroll before picking up her children.


Available in a variety of colors.

Stylish footwear is no stranger to our cousins across the pond. While the Italians are the champions of the leather shoe, they have nothing on the English when it comes to sneakers and sandals.

There were riots for these lovelies in Trafalgar Square just a few months ago.

Of course the Brits love to sport their sandals while wearing socks. Lets take a look.


Who likes camel toe?

Even though body piercing is a rather ancient art, the Brits have always been a rather stable market for enduring the discomfort this form of body manipulation offers.
Here is a typical English genius displaying his knowledge of the art.


Yes the British people are quite a stylish bunch and will continue to innovate as long as there is tea. 

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