britney spears

ok before i start im going to miss spell laf and do that to britney spears. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! oh sorry just had to get that out of my system. ohhh i dont realy care what other brit fans say. this bitch has gotten bad.ok in 2004 she was cool you know, yay. half naked 23 year old on stage shaken her stuff and maken money. but lately this shit is gitting anoying. first with the baby, then with the shaven head, after that she wasted money on a bullshit documentery. i lafted so hard! its good for right after school or work when you just need to laugh your ass off at a sub petyed 27 year old. she just tickles me silly when i see her tell her feeling to all of america. im sorry but she sucks, her song suck, and her publishing policy sucks. i hate idiots. one more thing. ok when she sings she has this new york hightop accent. but in her documentery she talks all kentuck like she kills possums in her spare time. that is all.

Uploaded 12/18/2008
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