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 People in power and in government start off being idealist but as they age and their experiences frustrate their implementation of these ideals they become more assertive in their resolve and give in to the necessity of compromise to further their point of view irregardless of the ramifications or the miscarriage of justice.

They are blinded by their own ambitions and care less and less for that ideal which first motivated them. We the common man now suffer from these misguided individuals imaginations because they do get into the positions of power, and regulate our lives on so many levels. Whether they be socio or phsyco pathic reasons is irrelevant, the result is the same.

We suffer their misguided efforts at control of the population and or finance. C'est la vie. If a person tries to cast off the garments of society they will suffer the angst of the ruling aristocratic and totalitarian society : loss of jobs, jail, social castration, and even their families will reprove them for not conforming since they too will feel the repercussions of their choices.

No one is a free person. Your only as free as they let you be. The more complex a society becomes the more rules and regulations are required. And so it seems the more we will become slaves to others ideas or ideals since it is these very phyco or socio paths who rule.

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