Brothers and where is the love?????????

I really hate to even write a blog after strjk girl or savcock because I dont have enough bocoder rings to go around and these guys make us normal people feel really stupid but as I have said many times there are very few regular people on ebaums just a bunch of self appointed geniuses.  I have been married twice so I already do stupid pretty well and I am the number one regular guy on here so those of you who have them get out your bocoder rings.


I called my brother today to see how he is doing since the election because he is what I call a HARD CORE republican and right away he says to me "If you say that damn thing of yours Along with GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY I am going to punch you in the face". This is code for leave him alone and you know he can kick your butt, so me in my ultimate wisdom (what you get as you get older) said to him "along with great power comes great responsibility" BANG THE PHONE GETS SLAMMED DOWN. lol lol lol I go about my day and I think I am so glad my other brother has no phone when my phone rings and my brother invites me to Thanksgiving dinner. I accept and immediately start looking for my old catchers mask because I make my living with these looks. lol lol


So this Thanksgiving as you eat your dinner and think about the direction this country is going in think about me getting my butt kicked all for free damn turkey.


Sav and strjk just kidding guys because even if you guys attack me I wouldn't even understand. lol


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/11/2008
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