Brought to you by the Land o' lakes corp........

This is one man's opinion about why a rather large number of our society is so willing to let goverment to control so much of their lives. Parents, myself included have raised our kids to come to Mom and Dad when things get tough and we bail them out and it doesnt build independence it builds dependency! Now we are in the fight of a lifetime and now they want Daddy Government to make everything better. I really think we have dropped the ball with our kids, the two daughters I have left one is independent and the other not so much. One wants to work herself out the jam we are in the other is waiting on the Obama printing press to come.


I had bread with wonderful tasty Land o' Lakes butter tonight that was given to me by said  the corporation.

What the hell Bo, what are you talking about? well the FCC now insist that Bloggers have to tell if they get money or gifts for the blogs they post.


Thanks for reading Bohank and the land o' lakes corp.

Uploaded 10/05/2009
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