Brushing With Soap.

Well I've decided to try it. I read Dr. Gerald F. Judd, Emeritus Professor of chemistry at Purdue University paper on brushing teeth with soap. I looked up glycerin, (the major component in soap) and discovered it is used to fight gum disease. From Wikipedia I found this; "It can be used orally to eliminate halitosis, as it is a contact bacterial desiccant. The same property makes it very helpful with periodontal disease; it penetrates biofilm quickly and eliminates bacterial colonies".

For 12 years I have been going to the dentist every three months for teeth cleaning as my wife's dental plan provides. I haven't lost any teeth and have had no cavities since then. However, my gums from plaque  under the gum line has deteriorated. After visiting a periodontist, It was recommended that a surgical procedure involving the removal of my gums from my teeth so the plaque  can be scraped away should be performed. They would then reattach my gums. I would also need to be put to sleep for the procedure. The cost would be $3800 and it will require two one hour sessions.

It was explained to me the plaque under my gums  will eat away my jaw bone, requiring reconstructive surgery. The periodontist took X-rays of my jaw bone and was amazed to see very little deterioration. However, he assured me over the next twenty years it would accelerate.

In the end I decided against it as I felt it was too invasive and paying someone $1900 dollars an hour just rubs me the wrong way. So now I find out that glycerin is used to fight gum disease! What to do? What to do?

I drove to my local Shoppers Drugmart, found the purest soap in the baby care isle and asked the pharmacist if all the ingredients in this soap were safe to ingest. He looked a little perplexed and asked, " what do you want to use it for?" I said, " to brush my teeth". Well then he quietly responded, "I can't recommend you using this product to brush your teeth, but this is what I use".

The soap I purchased is, "live clean, baby" ( It is a 99% vegetable derived soap that is perfume free. It is classed as a green product, even the Vegans love it. Most importantly it contains glycerin that kills bacteria and viruses. I reluctantly tried it, took a couple of strokes with my toothbrush and brushed away. To my amazement there was no taste and it lathered up quite well. After rinsing, my teeth did feel more clean compared to tooth paste.

Like the pharmacist, I'm not recommending  brushing your teeth with soap, but live-clean is the one I use.

Bush - Glycerine

The singer does have nice teeth! Coincidence? I think not!
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