Bug Report 1

There first of many bug fixes have been applied thanks to the cooperation and hard work of the new ZVUE management team. They are listening and making the necessary changes. I offer this and further bug reports as proof.


Original report:

Bug #1: Earning erep points by posting banned words

The website had allowed users to earn points for posting comments. There is also a filter in place on the server side that removes comments from view that contain certain keywords. Now as I do not work as an administrator nor am I familiar with the website backend code, I cannot say if the comments are being posted or not. It is possible that they in fact are being saved, but simply being blocked from VIEW. If this is the case, then obviously these messages would be visible by administrators and easily removed for spamming. However, in the event that comments are left (for example) with banned words such as "nigger", the user will in fact receive erep points for the post, but the post will be invisible, allowing for them to earn erep points illegitimately without being tracked easily without an audit being done.




This bug is now fixed.

Uploaded 03/06/2009
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