Bugs in My Cupboard.

 It was about two years ago, I was perusing the organic sections of my local grocery store. I bought some Almond milk, chocolate soy milk  and a bag of organic wild rice. About a week later I opened the rice and soaked it in some cold water for about an hour. When I returned, some smaller pieces of rice were swimming on top like tiny little maggots. Disgusted I threw it away.

Being curious, as to how this happened, I examined the rice to see if there were any creatures moving about in the dry rice. Nothing was obvious, except what looked like a fine dust in the bottom of the bag. I took a cup and again soaked it. About an hour later the rice was having a pool party.

On my next visit to the grocery store I brought the bag, explained what I had experienced to the manager and examined the remaining inventory with him. Sure enough all the bags of rice had identical particulates. He seemed indifferent and moved on.

For many weeks the inventory of this rice remained and was regularly restocked. My son works in the store so I asked him about the inaction. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, "They don't care." 

After this incident there were these tiny little beetles about the size of a pin head in any food stuffs with a starch content. I threw  hundreds of dollars worth of food away. Cleaned my entire kitchen with disinfectant and was vigilant for about eighteen months checking my food stuffs for these tiny creatures. 

Today, I decided to use up some open boxes of pasta and make an Alfredo sauce. I poured the open box of penne noodles into the boiling water, followed by some spaghetinni  noodles. There in the bag I saw those little beetles. They floated to the top, I skimmed them off, boiled the shit out of the noodles, completed my dish and feasted. 

I had no choice, I used Parmigiano -Reggiano in my sauce. There was no way I was going to waste that. To keep myself from getting freaked out I doused it in freshly ground pepper. 
Fucking organic! Irradiate that shit!

Uploaded 10/10/2011
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