Good Morning all,
I managed to find some time at home this weekend to spend with what's her name and to do things she wanted to do. Soooo. it was with some trepidation that I  put my man card on the shelf and took her to see the movie Burlesque. Now a movie with 2 gay Icons wasn't exactly the big ticket item on my agenda but we all do what we must, right?
Well the movie was exactly what I expected, a girl leaves the midwest, finds a dream job, falls in love and overcomes the evil bad guy in the end. pretty standard fare....
With one exception, That bitch (Christina Aguilera) can fuckin sing! Jesus she can sing! 
And one other little exception, she is pretty easy on the eyes,,, she has some amazing boobs and that got me to thinking (no you don't get to see them bare) are those amazing fun bags real or fake? I personally do not except that a woman even in her late 20's can have breasts that large or firm after having a kid, but I guess it is possible.

Was the movie a complete wash? No, it was entertaining and fun, don't expect Gone with the wind, but it was still a fun date movie and you will have a few laughs during the show, and lot's of great old Blues and Jazz #'s covered by Aguilera.I won't recommend this movie for the fella's (unless you're a pole smoker) but I will say that this is a good movie to take your woman to and get her in that receptive frame of mind.

Pondering Aguilera's boobs
Uploaded 12/06/2010
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