Burn Bitch'

Hi, my name is Julie, Brian is my boyfriend/fiance. He goes under the name Chunkoluv, He is smart, and very confident when it comes to what he thinks he knows, he is clearly not a genius. I'm not here to crack on him I'm simply here to say what is on my mind about his views on things, I for one am willing to say the truth and nothing but the truth so help me. I love Brian very much, but somtimes he can go off on explaining things he does not understand, and he twists it up to make sence on what ever point hes trying to get accross. Simply think before you agree to his maddness, he is very un- educated when it comes to political science, and manufacturing electronics and other computerised electronics  for entertainment. when reading his blogs somtimes he has a way of putting things to where he may appear to be sothing he is not. He Is NOT  A HOMOSEXUAL, HE IS VERY MUCH INTRESTED IN WOMAN!!!! Now as I have said before I do really care for him, but he needs to reserch his facts alittle more before he just bloops them out there it makes him look very inmature. And with this as a close, I'm sorry for offending anyone who really by's into his bullshit, including you brian.

If there is anyone that reads his blogs' and actuall enjoys them get some fucking help!!! and if there is any one out there that agrees with me, email me @, or go to my facebook its under princess bella. thanks and keep your day job.

Uploaded 04/21/2011
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