Burn The Boats

So I just read somewhere that the Ancient Greeks used to invade foreign shores and have their commanders issue just one order on arrival..."Burn the Boats".  This signified that retreat was not an option and the soldiers' choice was success or death.


How fuckin badass is that!?  They invade a country, which they may or may not be able to defeat, and not only that, they fuckin burn their boats so they have no choice.  I mean, come on, thats fuckin nuts!

Personally, if i was stationed in the shoreline fortress and saw these guys pull up, get out, and set their boats on fire, I'd be intimidated.  I'd know that either way, I'm fighting a group of crazy fucks who literally planned on dying or winning, and nothing else.  Next time I invade a small country with my army of Ninja Warriors (illegal immigrants I picked up from the local Home Depot with black t-shirts wrapped around their faces) I'm gonna make them burn the boats.  Then burn themselves for being illegal immigrants in my fuckin country.


Sorry, tangent at the end.  Anyway, just thought you all might be appreciative of the Badassed-ness of that order.

Uploaded 08/15/2008
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