Bush booed in 2005 state of the union address

I've heard a lot of people comparing the grumbles of republicans and the Wilson outburst during the health care address to congress to democrats booing Bush during the 2005 state of the union address.

I try to stay involved in politics as much as I can, but I confess that I often turned off Bush's SOTU speeches because of his annoying lack of oration skills and the fact that all of the partisan standing and clapping drives me crazy.

I finally looked it up to watch it. 

All I can say is "bullshit."  This is the worst he got?  That's some pretty mild grumbling and I couldn't hear any real booing at all.  Obama got worse than this when he called out Palin for her ridiculous death panel accusations.

If I've got it wrong, somebody please direct me to the scene where Bush was heckled by democrats.  This is the worst that I could find:


Edit:  I just found this one too.  It's the notoriously liberally bent MSNBC being highly critical of a crowd booing Bush before Obama's inaguration:

Uploaded 09/17/2009
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