Bye Bye Baby!

Yesterday President Obama announced that we were withdrawing from Iraq completely. My hat is off to him! While I know that due to partisan bullshit Obama has largely been an ineffective president, at least he got this one right!

We went into Iraq on basically false premises, completely destroyed a country's infrastructure and threw  and polarized the entire Middle East into disarray, we are finally out!  To paraphrase a common expression here on EBW "We're leaving this shit country forever"

I didn't mean to start a political rant so please pardon the interruption, and I know that alot of you out there are staunch Obama haters, but the important thing to me and to every one of you out there should be this:

Our brave men and women are coming home!

They have been sweating and fighting and dying for a corrupt and ineffective regime for far too long! As you go through your day, please take a moment to remember the fallen heroes both sworn and unsworn who have died for nothing more than the mighty oil companies! Also remember to please try to welcome them home and thank them for their service! They went into harms way for you and I without question or hesitation! 

Now if we could only get the rest of our troops out of that Hellhole Afghanistan we would be doing even better!

Wishing every single one of our Soldiers in a combat zone was truly safely on their way home!

Uploaded 10/22/2011
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