Calico Hills



My wife picked up my son from school today.  My daughter elected to stay with me.  I got off a little late.  We were finding out who was laid off.  We lost 1/4 of our science department.  My multiple certifications saved my ass.  I'm good, but my class sizes will go up to about 40.  40 sixth or eighth graders in one class, five or six classes a day.  Oh, joy.


My co-worker, Kate, a 24 year old super motivated collegiate basketball player has been RIF'd.  I said, "look on the bright side, at least your wife didn't leave you."


"I just broke up with my boyfriend of six years."


"Uhhhhh......"  (Trying to get foot out of mouth)


My other co-worker said, "Hey, don't worry, my brother is about to be single again.  Hey!  Tom is going to be single soon too!"


Kate looked at me and laughed.


"Hey!  What the hell are YOU laughing about?  My wife is leaving me because she wasn't woman enough to handle me!"


There was no reason for me to go home.  No wife.  No son.  So my daughter and I went out hiking again.


We hiked about 6 miles, from the visitor center, to Calico Hills and then back up another trail to the visitor center again.  I hung in there pretty well.  Surgery is hardly slowing me down now.


I posted a while back about the geekiest pair of shoes on Earth.  I own a pair.  I have to say that for bouldering, climbing, hiking, and trail running, they exceed all expectations.  I was running up inclines that people were having to use all fours to accomodate.  The traction and control are amazing.  I could just stand on the side of the rocks, feet at almost 90 degrees from horizontal like spiderman.




Yeah, I know they're weird.  I'm not out there for the fucking fashion show though.

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