Call me True Neutral

Since there are on occasion some misconceptions going around about my convictions, at times, I'd like to clear some things up about what is behind many of my opinions. If I say for instance that the following actions being undertaken will lead to human extinction, this doesn't mean I CARE if humans go extinct. All it means is that I have observed that they will and I think that's of some interest to be considered. If I say children need vaccines and jenny mcarthy (or whatever her name may be) and her campaign are going to get a bunch of children killed by convincing thier parents not to vaccinate them, this doesn't mean I CARE if a bunch of children die, but I do think thier parents probably care. I don't really like false information to be going around. Not because I want there to be less dead people or because human suffering moves me, but just because I like to argue and I think the truth should be known. My method is something like 'look at this which I have observed, now what does that make you conclude about what you think?'. This has the flaw of not leading anyone to conclusions. I am glad to state my conclusions, but if you don't believe me I don't feel it. If I had children I would vaccinate them. Feel free to nto vaccinate yours. That isn't fair to your children, who have no say in thier own deaths, but by all means. IT's really all sort of irrelevant to me. Most people are moved by the idea of death. The mentality is naturally: life good death bad. You might laugh at me for saying that is a silly notion, but I'm prepared to explain. First I'll go over what I do care about.

I can say with confidence that I care about my own tribe. Because of this: things that ensure thier future, like the population issue being adressed, matter to me. Not because I care about the issue beyond enjying the argument, but because I'm self interested. The fact of the matter is so is everyone. We are alls elf interested. We can't be anything else. Any delusions of caring about anyone outside our own tribe stem from a feeling of superiority we get from deluding ourselves to the idea that we care.

So why isn't death a bad thing to me. Again I calrify that if I have some personal interest, like if it's my death or the death of someone in my tribe then yes I find it to be a bad thing. Otherwise not so much. The fact of it is that every death brings life. Though distribution of resources, approapriate adjustments for anomolies and growth made, every death ensures the life of another. All dead matter gives ferility to new life as well. I trust we don't have to have an ecology lesson. Yes that new life is nto imediately or directly human in this example, though it will likely effect the life of a human. All organisms are of equal value to me. I am not any more interested in homo sapiens just because I am one then I am interested in Americans because I am one. I am interested in the particular homo sapiens I care about, but not the species itself. All life also requires death. All life is nourished by the matter that was living cellular structure to another organism (I don't want to hear your kingdom bias, vegetarians). Because all death brings life and all life requires death, life and death are equivalent to me.

I do not for instance find it to be particularly worrying if a bunch of people get killed in some manner of disaster, because to me this isn't even a bad thing. All that death will bring just as much life. Nothing has really changed in this sense, and I didn't know any of them. This doesn't mean I hate people and I want them to die, it means I don't care if they do.

A lot of people have trouble with the connections I make. They use the presence of anomolies to defeat the entire equation of resources. They will say something like: Some Ameircan can just eat more food and then the death of some child didn't bring about the life of some other child in Bosnia or something like that. To that I say: he would have eaten it anyway, that isn't a defeat of the reality. It's just a way to back out of the equation by acknowledging that it is not black and white. I know there are other factors, the results are still measureably as I say. People can't imagine connections usually. They don't understand what the flight patterns of a canadiang oose has to do with a sick man in new jersey, but in fact it's there. Everything is connected.

Some of you will say this is a religion. That I am one of those that say god is in everything. I am not saying that. Though I have said the universe is one energy, or I think it is, this does not make it a conscious energy. If you want to call this unconscious singularity that comprises the energy frequencies of all existence 'God' then go ahead. Though it makes no more sense to call it energy or any name whatsoever.

Some of you will say I am a sociopath. Far from it, I am a greatly emotional person concerning people I actually care about (or non people as it may be). I do have feelings. I just don't bullshit myself. I don't get choked up about a bunch of dead people I've never met, because I cannot care about them. And neither can you. We have a popular myth that it's possible to embrace your fellow man but we aren't biologically designed that way. No one has ever done it. No messiah, no savior, no person ever has achived this. No one is holier then anyone else. We are all just people. And we aren't evil, flawed, vile, or sinful. What we are is machines acting out our prgramming. Maybe our culture makes us do thigns we find to be vile, but we were just following our cultural vision. The machines that we are aren't good nor evil. They just are and so too is everything.

The secret to being happy, or at least peaceful, is to let go. Admit to yourself that you don't care about the tragedies of the world. You don't care ebcause you can't. You aren't any more able to care about people outside your own tribe then your dog can care about people it has never met before. Don't get upset at your prgramining, don't try to make yourself do something you can't. Just live and let it all go. It feels fine then. Let it go and say it to yoruself 'I don't care, because I can't care'. Certainly you should care about the vision we are enacting, about the world you will live in, for the sake of your own tribe you should endevor to change this vision. Just don't get all caught up in death. There is nothing wrong with death. You might find something odd about that statement, but what I am saying is good news. There is no tragedy in life. every death shall bring life. The deaths of stranegrs could worry you no more then the starvation your existence is causing. There will always be more people then can be fed. ALWAYS. This is an ecological fact. So calm down and go have fun.


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