Call of duty 5

So, the follow up to the truly epic 'call of duty 4: modern warfare' is going to be released in november/december depending on where you live, and has got compter geeks and those WITH girlfreinds alike excited.

this one is going to be set in WW2 and is based on the US attack on the Japanese, meaning no more C4 traps and high-tech weaponary, but vehicles have now been thorwn into the mix. the fact that its set in WW2 has pissed a few people off, as has the fact that call of duty 3 develpers are creating this game instead of call of duty 4's infinity ward.

but after looking at quite a few reviews (if you wanna see a good on i suggest the FHM one) it looks fucking ace. the graphics are great and the gameplay seams just as good as number 4- you even have the option of recruiting your own army of mates to help you pass a certain mission if you are continuously being ass-fucked by your enemies.

the basic message from me is be prepared to abandon all basic hygine and burn out your ps3 after getting this game, but what do others think it will be like? like the idea of it being in WW2? stepping away from infinity ward a mistake?

Uploaded 10/07/2008
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