Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

I couldn't help but notice some of my views are dropping off for my book Pawn Takes King. This is unfortunate, because the story is about to get much more interesting.
    It seems as though people are becoming dissatisfied with the dark subject matter of the book. I know where you're coming from. Nobody wants to read a novel that is just one depressing page after another. Writers like to pretend that they will change the formula, the blueprint for a successful book. They will kill the main character. They won't give a happy ending. Some notable examples of this are Hubert Selby Jr., (Requim for a Dream) Henry Charles Bukowski, and William S. Burroughs.
    I admit there are films and stories out there where the main character should die. Sometimes it does fit the persona of the hero, or anti-hero. But, I don't think people want to read about someone who perpetually fails, only to wind up dead at the end. We all want to progress, and to interact with a tale where situations get better.
    I'm not going to tell you how this book is going to end, but I will say that Donny's struggle will have a greater meaning when all is said and done. His sacrifices and hardships serve a purpose, and the suffering he goes through is not in vain. If nothing else, take it for face value: reading about a screwed up individual's life can make you appreciate your own predicaments, and hopefully put things in perspective. Also, the book really does show the pitfalls that come with full-blown drug addiction. It is a role model for what NOT to do.
    I just thought i would mention this, for those faint at heart. Those who cannot bear to watch someone suffer may feel much empathy for a character like Donny, who destroys everything for drugs. To those same people, i'd like to point out something else: in times of overwhelming darkness, the faintest flicker of luck or kindness can shine brighter than most people will experience. They say we need to appreciate the little things, and it is the same for those in recovery. It is not the grand gestures of charity that heal a soul. those large contributions are few and far between. The small mercies are much more common, and will add up over time.
    This is especially true of those without riches or wealth. And I think we can all relate to that.
    Thank you, readers. Keep following. Keep reading.
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