Can it be that it was all so simple then

I know this is the second blog today that has a Wu-Tang song as the title, but oh well.


The reason I used this title is because the song relates to my life right now. The song is about how everyone they know is fucked up on drugs, which is exactly what's happening in my life. All the friends I used to smoke and drink with are all fucked up on Oxy Contin. What makes this even more fucked up is I used to be the fucked up friend. I would be the one everyone worried about because I was hanging out with people in their 30's, and shooting up shit. Now the tables have turned. But instead of having one fucked up friend, I have all fucked up friends (save two of them).

Now I can't hang out with any of my old friends without getting depressed. They come over; pupils like pin-points, their vioces all scratchy and they don't want to do anything but sit there or ride to the pawn shop. 


I want to say something to them but I know it wont work. When I was like they are they would tell me all the time that I need to stop but I would just blow them off.


It's really fucking depressing to watch the people you care about destroy their life, but there is a bright side.


I'm sure they felt the same about me when I was doing drugs, but I got off the shit eventually. Hopefully they can too.



Uploaded 12/06/2008
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