Can one just feel?

Because of the unreliable nature of feeling and the tendancy of human emotions to fluctuate for little understandable reason, being commanded entirely by chemical levels, it is dificult to ever trust human emotions as being objectively real. and yet emotion is the entirety of experience. everyone's personal universe is confined to thier own sensory input. emotion is just sensory input. though one wishes they could trust thought and reasoning alone, perhaps, it cannot be the entirety of the experience. perhaps because sensory input is the entire nature of the personal universe, feelings are valid because they are real by perspective. Even if they are logically just chemical fluctuation, what is there besides feeling? Maybe if it is experienced then it is valid, maybe something can be meaningful because we waste our enery time and fulfillment potential on it. What else is there? We will never know existence as it truly is anyway. Are our connections to each other just chemical and layers mind tricks? Are they just fulfillment models for our tribal nature? Are they the trickery of our dna that was designed by selection of what will keep us breeding? Since we are just bio machines, is it pointless to connect? Are we just breeding machines that will forever desire to breed, be forever fooling ourselves with notions of higher feeling? Maybe it is better to be in delusion, to accept ideas of higher emotion as real though we can conclude that they are not. Perhaps the only hope for any sanity is to fool ourselves into believing there is meanining and purpose. We certainly do as such every day. I want to do that too sometimes. There is no escaping analysis, I can't help it. I want to have faith in feelings, though faith is the denial of evidence. Is there something wrong with me that I can't just feel? Can others just feel and not question why they feel anything at all?

Uploaded 04/20/2010
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