Can we not have a bad day???

Maybe I'm the only one that thinks/feels this way, but I think any man that ever asks a woman "Is it that time of the month?" or "Are you on the rag?" or anything similar to that when she's having a bad day (PMSing or not) should have a Stilleto heal shoved up their urethra. Are we not allowed to have a bad day unless we've got PMS?  That seems like bullshit to me.

And why can't we be pissy when we're PMSing?  I mean, if you think about it, we really go through a lot of shit that would make anyone not happy- cramping, bloating, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, not to mention the whole bleeding from the crotch thing. 

And even if none of those other things happened, bleeding from the crotch every month for over 30 years is enough of a reason to be pissed off.  

So, next time a man asks if you're on the rag when you're unhappy, just make him think about this:

We start bleeding from our cootches, on average, just before we become teens.  We'll say 12.  Menopause usually starts between 45 and 50.  We'll be nice and say 45.  That's 33 years right there.  Now, most of us will have children- average of 2.  But since many BF, we'll take off an entire 3 years that we bleed, bringing us down to 30 years.

Now, the average woman bleeds for 5 days a month.  That's 60 days a year.  (12 x 5 = 60)

60 days a year for 30 years is 1800 days.  (60 x 30 = 1800)

That is 4.9 YEARS of bleeding on average.  (1800 / 365 = 4.9)

You get that, guys?  That's almost five years of our lives spent BLEEDING from a very uncomfortable place.  Now, add into that having to wear a mattress between our legs or a rod of cotton shoved up there, you'd be pretty pissed too. 

So, if you ever have a man ask you if it's that time of the month, just kick him in the balls, and tell him to get you some chocolate or get the fuck away before you shove your Stilleto up his pee-hole.

Uploaded 06/17/2008
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