Canada Day... meh!

Today is July 1st, its Canada Day. For the few retards in the back of the class, canada day is the same as 4th of july for the United States. Lots of people find in that national holiday lots of ways to impair their senses. Wether its getting hammered drunk, smoking way too much grass, poping a few pills or having dirty sex. Maybe even all of the above.


Most of you know Im french canadian so you must think Im gonna celebrate later today as well. WRONG!!! Most Quebecers really dont care about canada day. In quebec, july 1st is the official moving date. Most of us who move do it on that date pre-set by the government for whatever the fuck reason they thought good at the time. Perhaps that minister was getting his small dick sucked under the table, perhaps its because of the neverending tension between english-canadians and french-canadians.


We all came from europe around the same time but for some reason, england thought people from france didnt deserve as much as them to stay of the new promise land, fucking indian women and selling beaver furs to The Bay. Long story short, after hundreds of years, most of english canada still wont recognize that quebec is a different culture with a different language and that ITS A WONDERFUL THING AND A GREAT PLACE.


So... on june 24th is fete st-jean, Quebec's Birthday. Now on that day, it is like 4th of july all over the province. We party like its 2999 and the world is about to end. And quite frankly, since both holidays are 1 week apart, were still recovering from fete st-jean when canada day comes around. Its not like X-mas and new years when you really wanna keep on drinking and dancing even tho youve been hungover for days.


But since canada day is a paid holiday, we do LOVE it :P


This is aunt platy, your official EBW french girl, wishing you beavers and maple syrup all year 'round!

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