cant sleep... obv.. im on here

Alright so its 2012..... We have elections right around the corner.. and here i am almost 24 years old and i have never voted.. never seen a reason to vote ... my vote dont count anyways all this shit is fixed. I was raised republican but have been told i am a republican leaning left.. yet i still cant tell you what i am cause i dont fucking know let alone care .. this is how i see it.. bush came into office god only knows what really fucking happend on 9-11 and shit hit the fan wars and all this other bullshit..

do i think we should have gone into iraq? fuck no it was pointless and a waste of time and money

afghanistan... eh im iffy on that one still too tho i think the osama died alot earlier then claimed and i have my reasons

obama?.... well thats   a hole nother story ...but as far as re electing him.. i would rather armageddon then him in office again...cost of living has done nothing but jump up since he has taken over and yes bush may have some blame but he has not helped it at all stop making excuses for the man hes been in office for how long? when will we see things go back to normal? he did promise change and boy did we get it .. surely most of you werent expecting this.. but alot of us seen it coming...
moving on...

i hear people say occupy wallstreet then i hear people say they are taking it locally like a some people i have meet in this town since i moved  here in the last two months.. my question is will we all ever smarten up and stand up for ourselves as a country ... maybe its time to take it bigger.. i dunno.... thats just me it seems that nothing will get done and nothing will ever get fixed unless we all stand up and say smething at this point otherwise i dont see our country lasting very much longer.. hell iran with the missel testing and claiming there nuclear program is for electricity and shit is just enough to say alright enough is enough... if iran launches a nucelar missel at Israel well.. you know what happens then..

anyways off to bed
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