Capital Punishment and Abortion Issue

Every conservative post I've been seeing mentions the fact that liberals "think it's okay to murder unborn babies but think it's wrong to put violent criminals to death."  Lately, I've been accused of being a liberal, but I don't see it that way at all.

I believe that abortion should be legal, but if it's used as a form of birth control, it's monstrous.  I think that getting an abortion for convenience is evil too, but I can understand how a desparate teen girl might be so scared that she feels compelled to do it to hide the pregnancy from her parents.  This doesn't make the girl inherently evil, just immature and unfortunate.  I think that forcing these girls to get illegal abortions would be a bad thing.

Capital punishment, however, I'm all for.  My problem with CP is we're not doing it right.  The fact that it's more expensive to execute a prisoner than keep him in jail for life is a clear indicator of that. 

First of all, we don't have all the crimes we need as capital crimes.  Second offense rape or child molestation should be straight to death row.

Secondly, we don't have the process worked out well enough.  Your mandatory appeal should be done right away in an MRI polygraph.  The technology is ready.  Formulating or reciting a lie activates different parts of the brain than telling the truth. 

"Did you kill that guy, Charles?" 


"Sorry, Charlie, the big machine says you're full of shit.  Dead man walkin'!"

Next, we should be parting these motherfuckers out!  We're burying perfectly good kidneys, hearts, livers, corneas, bones, ligaments, etc.  Fuck your personal beliefs about organ donation, motherfucker!  What are your personal beliefs about us killing your ass?  Yeah, thought so, we're doing that anyway too.  These lowlifes have been a burden to society, if donor organs are the only way they can give something back, so be it.

Next, executions should be viewed by the public.  Replace CSPAN with the execution channel.  If your society has capital punishment, it should be forced to watch sometimes.  It's ugly, but it's justice.

Lastly, we're using the wrong method.  I don't think the condemned should be tortured to death, but lethal injection is bullshit.  You die with a diaper on, a condom cathader, and a plug in your ass.  They hook you up to the IV an hour before your shot.  It also take a while.  The guillotine is still the shit as far as I'm concerned.  In my physics class, I had my students figure out how long it took a guillotine blade to take your head off.  I gave them frictional coefficients on the device and told them how high the blade was before dropping.  It's about 1/2000 of a second to sever your brain stem.  That's lickety split there.

So in summing up, I think you guys are making some gross generalizations about what your typical liberal thinks about the right to life.  Or maybe I'm not the typical liberal.

Uploaded 04/24/2009
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