Boy, I sure do love me some Capitalism. I got some schemes I've got worked up. That will sure make me rich, but at the cost of your hard earned tax dollars. I'm going to give you some ideas I've come up with when I leave the army.


1) Make a private prision. With this private prison, I will not only close down your locally owned and government supervised one for my private center. Where I have full controll over the judges ( a little bit of money in a judges pocket and I can lock up half the county). It will be job security, I mean, your tax dollars will pay me and my employees who will dictate your sentences. Why? Because time is money. When I have you in my care, I will put you on some medication, then recieve more money to provide you with health care. Declare you're not in your right mind so you can stay longer. Which in turn will make me fucking rich. I figure since Capitalism beats democracy anyday I might as well do it.


2) I will try to own a pharmaceutical business. All I have to do is make sure free health care will never get passed. Because if it does, my billions of false diagnoses will foil and I will not be the multi billion dollar giant when I can't over price it to the people who need it. But I will have an army of Republicans who are anti - union, and anti health care. Put those fuckers in office backed by my large sumps of Capitalist cash and bam, I'm still going to make money.


Oh, wait I can't. Because those have already been done. All over the United States, private compaines falsely diagnose mental illneses, convict and detain innocent, non dangerous people for a profit. That rules out "Liberty, and justice for all".


Thank you Wall Street for fucking up my country.






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