Car Insurance Bigotry

So i was watching that video about the car insurance the other day, and of course i liked it for its comedic value. However, the guy made a valid point about one thing. He mentioned that instead of being classified as a male (with more accidents + higher rates) he should be classified as a person having big feet. The insurance guy responded by saying that they would do that if having big feet was statistically significant.

Now think about it. Say 100 people get in an accident. 53 are guys. Is it accurate to say 53 percent of accidents are caused by guys? No. These things that are "statistically significant" are just made up to fit the situation. Now heres the kicker. Do black people get a different rate for being of a different race? Of course not, thats racist. Say 33 of those 53 were black men. Does that mean 60 percent (ish) of male accidents are caused by black men? So we are billed more for being men, but not being white/black?

Obviously there would be some lawsuits if you were billed more for being black. Why aren't there any for being male or female?

Uploaded 08/08/2008
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Tags: racism