So, yesterday, I had to run a few errands.  I needed some oranges and lemons for the chicken I was going to roast, the hubs needed gas for the lawn mower, and we needed a new burn permit because ours was about to expire and there is still a lot of old limbs and brush that need to be burned. 

My last stop was for the burn permit because the gas station that I can get one at is less than half a mile from our house.  I walk in and wait for some dude who just paid for something in about $5 worth of nickels and dimes.  So, I get up to the counter and ask the woman for a burn permit, handing her our old one so she can just copy the old info, save for the dates.  She looks at me, and asks, "...You are 18, right?"

...Yeah...  Less than a month and I'll be 23 actually.  I know later on down the line I'll be happy that I look younger than I actually am (I'm commonly mistaken for being 16 or 17), but right now, it gets kind of old having to whip out the ol' driver's license to prove that I actually am a legal adult.  A year ago I had a cashier at a grocery store stare at my ID for a few minutes because she thought it was fake (I was buying two bottles of wine).  She felt that there was no way that I could possibly be 21.  Blah.  Damnable age and looks not coinciding with each other...

Uploaded 07/20/2008
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