Cat-Killing Nagger?

Almost every day when I step out of my apartment to have a smoke, take out some garbage, or head to my car, I see an older neighbor of mine sitting on the walk, enjoying the weather.

"Will" is a super-nice, 50-something black dude I make time to talk with practically every time I see him out there. We'll shoot the shit about annoying neighbors, our crappy complex maintenance crew, work, school, current events, or just life.

I enjoy his company thanks to his laid-back, wise demeanor. He's been through a lot and tells me stories about his stints with the law as a kid, how NY taxes are through the roof thanks in part to mob influences of the 60's and 70's, and so on. It goes without saying the guy isn't a saint; a rough and rocky past is usually tantamount to the experience and knowledge necessary for such a sapient disposition.

But yesterday really sent my mind whirling. Sitting out having a nice, relaxing smoke while enjoying the weather, and he goes into torturing animals.

Especially kittens.

He spoke of holding one under the tires of a car. Setting one on fire. Throwing another in a pot of boiling water... I had to get the hell out of there.

It bothered me so much I locked myself up in my apartment with the shades drawn, crying until falling asleep. I wouldn't talk to Fuzz or anyone else. Could barely concentrate today, and even had to run it by our resident Psychologist since I was so disturbed by it. I tried telling him (and myself) that "Will" is probably full of shit; probably thinks making jokes about how he used to torture animals is some kind of turn-on or attractant for people.

Except there are those out there who really ARE like that. And using the N-word isn't going to pass as an easy excuse this time, either. Most serial killers and sociopaths begin by hurting or killing animals and other easy targets as children. Now I've got TMI.

I'm seriously thinking of taking my dad's advice and finding another place after this whole incident - especially since I just can't bring myself to talk to this guy again.

And I thought my biggest problem living here were potato bugs.

Uploaded 09/18/2012
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