Cat Spanking Is A Thing (And I Really Wish It Wasn't)

Today's one of those days when something you overlook regularly (like a mole on your shoulder, a strangely painted fire hydrant or how weird your feet look) strikes you and you can't shake it. Today's weird toe ratio is Cat Spanking videos. I saw one trending on reddit (the second one on this list) today and it's still bothering me. I'm not sure what it is, and talking to my therapist about it rather than writing a blog here might be a more productive approach to sorting it out, BUT, I've gotten this far. 


Here are 3 examples of my discomfort:



Exhibit A: I really hate how long the set up is on this video. My fear is that this guy really doesn't have a sense of humor about the whole thing is just really proud of his rhythm and his ability to find cats that suit his particular fetish. The horrifying thing is that most likely this VHS tape was found while his family was going through his stuff after his untimely auto-erotic asphyxiation accident of 98. 



Exhibit B: While not nearly as creepy as the first example, this is the inspiration for this post. What really does it for me is how much the cat seems to human-hug at :23 and takes direction at :35. There's something so disturbing about a cat taking position cues from someone dressed up like dental hygenist. 


Exhibit C: If this cat wasn't so pleased to get pounded I'd probably even think it's cute with it's pleading digging into the knee.


Now I want to point out that this is clearly not animal abuse (the animals seem to love it and even ask for it). I'm not suggesting that these people should even stop, but that somehow, I should never have to see another one of these videos again.

Uploaded 08/23/2013
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