Categorize this, please

I'm typing this post at a publicly-available computer at the local hospital's media center.  The hospital is careful to block adult sites on these computers (no porn surfing, please), as well as social networking--which makes me wonder how the hospital (or its computer censor) categorizes eBaum's World, which seems to me to offer both a bit of porn and some social networking.  So I guess eBw is a category unto itself, and so far it's safe from this hospital's control--which is good for me, since my home computer is basically a piece of junk, and I'd rather do this blog here on a decent machine (I'll save my porn surfing for home, obviously).


All of which is to say: I'm as uncertain about the nature and purpose of eBw as I am about my own purposes in being here or in blogging about being here.  I know I'm going to look for pictures of pretty young women, and if I could run streaming video, I'd look for video clips of the same; and I guess I'm going to use this space to ramble on in pointless fashion about using this space to ramble on in pointless fashion...


Uh-oh; I've fallen into an existential regress or an existential Escher loop or something--can anyone suggest a way out?  By which I mean, can anyone out there (assuming anyone out there reads this) clarify for me what a blog should be for or about?  Because I'm clearly confused here...

(I think "clearly confused" is an expressively oxymoronic phrase, don't you?) 

I was going to write a bit about the 19th century economist Jean-Baptiste Say, specifically about Say's Law ("supply creates its own demand," which I think might actually apply to the internet and to the blogosphere); I planned to call the piece "Say's Who?"  If anyone out there (same caveat as above) thinks that would be of interest, let me know, and I'll be happy to get to work on it.  It would give me something to do, meaning and purpose and direction and all that.





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