Caught jacking off in my girlfriends bathroom!!!

You know i've herd of people getting caught jacking off by their mom, brother and even their sister. But i bet few can top what happened to me in my darkest hour of my life. This all took place in what is now my ex-girlfriends house. My ex-girlfriend was in one of those moods where she didn't want anything sexual to happen. i don't know, time of the month i guess. so as her mom was preparing food i decided i would go wash up and take dump. ( Not in that order ) So as i dropped my pants and sat down on the toilet i looked down and saw a pair of my girlfriends dirty pair of panties. So i picked them up. ( At this point little johnny was getting excited ) And noticed a tiny brown line on them. I knew it was wrong and gross but i just got the urge to take a big sniff of the crotch area. It smelled so good yet gross at the same time. After that i realized i was to hard to take a dump without pissing all over their bathroom. so i decided to get rid of it the fast way. I grabbed a small bundle of toilet paper and set it on the sink. So there i was, dick in my hand, panties in the other standing in front of the mirror. I took one more big sniff and it was on! I beat my dick like it owed me money. It felt so good and I felt so alive doing that in somebody else's house. I got to the point to where i was just about to cum, covering my mouth with the panties to try to hold back the faint moans that i failed to hold back. And when i was just about to drop the panties to grab the toilet paper, my girlfriends mom walks in! And in the excitement and rush of the moment of being caught i busted a nut right on to her as she just stood there with a petrified look on her face! We both where standing their trying to figure out what just happened ( witch felt like an eternity ). in that moment without thinking i held my hand out offering her her daughters dirty panties clean herself off. ( thought it was TP ) in that moment she screamed at the top of her lungs, GET THE FUCK OUT!!! So i pulled my pants up and ran like i was running from the cops. Once i got in my car and sped off i thought to myself, damn that fucking sucks so bad.

Oh well though. I now look back on that day and smile.

Uploaded 10/18/2008
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