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Hey everyone,

I have to say somthing about pay as you go. It sucks! Well I just got a new Razor phone a few weeks ago. It was suposedly a pay as you go phone. Well every once in a while I check my account balance, I check it and a dollar was missing and I did not call anyone or do anything on my phone yet. I check it the next day and another dollar is gone! Like what the hell I thought pay as you go is where you pay everytime you make a call....... I think that's bull shit. Then I get a fresh card into my phone and I chang it up and leave it in my room like normal. The last time I checked it, it had 21.00 in it. 3 day's later I check my phone again and it only has 12.00 in it my damn sister bought guitar hero on my cell, it cost's like 5 dollars for it, that game sucks, I don't even know how to play it. OMG cell phones are more troubble then there worth. And after I find out that I'm going to be paying a dollar a day for my cell phone, I realize..... I could have bought a black berry pearl or somthing like that for like 100.00 and then pay 30 dollars a month..... it would work out to exactly the same thing. 1 dollar a day is 30 dollars a month, DAMN!

Well now i'm officially pissed off.

Thanks for reading.

Uploaded 07/17/2008
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