Cell phones

Every day I see some nut some  bimbo attached to their phone. Cellphones are like  parasites that never go away! It pisses me off when Im speaking to someone and Im cut off by a stupid phone call wtf and the person you were talking to is all like no im not doing anything. Thats usually when I grab the cellphone from their hand and shove it up their ass but even then they manage to answer . Look people I undersand there great for emergencys but when people use them like land lines it pisses me off! are your lives so sad you have to talk to your dumbass friends 24.7 serously dont you ever have a moment to yourself? Im not old im 20 ok and I think there over used and over priced and every socialite should have the antena ramed into there eardrum as a form of punishment for being a disturbance to my peace. Serously when I was a kid cell phones were a luxury and they looked like regular phones the plans were probably shity the reception was crap. What Im saying is most people have land lines and a cellphone and they hardly use their land line. There is no privacy anymore you cant go out with a friend without them geting call or text personally its rude if work wants you they can leave message on your landline and you can call them back. Society has no patience anymore and with the recession leading into a depressipon im gona laugh when a bunch of yuppies are crying because they cant afford a cellphone and they have to talk on the land line boohoo.

you can call me what you want but I think society has become too dependent on these devices.

Uploaded 07/17/2008
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