Cement Head

There is so much to write about, so many things that affect our lives. Yet, I can't or feel uninspired or I see no point in it. I'm not a negative person, I love life, the great outdoors, the smiles of little children, voices singing, my garden growing and the pink sky as the sun goes down. My diet is great, my kids are healthy and bright, my taxes are up to date and I get along with my neighbours. 

Many say it is better to lead than to follow. I grasp the concept, yet who wants a bunch of sheep following them, unless it is only cardinal sustenance they seek? Sure, we can lead a team, a political party, a congregation,  a group of thugs or be like a good Sheppard and herd sheep. What good does that do for the independent thinker other than reinforce what mistakes or misunderstandings the independent mind might hold? 

To be a truly independent thinker requires extreme opposition, no following, unless very selective and argumentative. An intelligent and resistant wife would be good training or fertile ground for the independent thinker. Strong willed children with their own ideals and belief systems encouraged by the father and mother but tempered by experience and patience will forge good individuals confident in what they see as the right path. Challenge your children and spouse to what they see, but open yourself up and trust their response is honest and loving. This can rip a new ass in you, but it's callous is pure truth. 

Scars are signs of healing and for many a source of pride. Make your character like that, but remember the hurt, the mistake and your own foolishness. Share your stories, not so you can lead, but so that others can lead themselves. That is the essence of a true leader, the garden of independent thought.
WhaTever.  Loves You All!

Uploaded 06/04/2013
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