change public school

Public school is a waste of time? I read a survey in a maxim magazine, people mostly agreed that grade-high school should be used to teach a child to reason. The options for the survey were, to make a kid more able to reason, to prepare him for college, to prepare him for the work force, or to make him more patriotic.

I agree the most important thing for a growing child is to learn to reason. What better then to teach philosophy, use it to teach reasoning and thinking skills. The ability to take an idea and understand it, and use it. What if you could say fuck math, English, history and science.

Philosophy covers all of these subjects in a different manner, one that is not boring and involves all the students. Face it, kids today dont learn shit, because school is boring, all they worry about is passing so they can get that diploma, if they even care about that. No kid cares about learning, because the subject material is boring.

Philosophy is a way to learn that is more natural to the human mind. If they want to further their skills in math, history and sciences, let them learn it in college, because its not gunna help in the work force.

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