If you've already seen the photoshop contest 50 winning entry, you'd probably asked yourself - how did the others look like if this shit was voted the best. The thing is - it wasn't.

Yesterday the submissions leading with the highest ratings were RJM's and mine. RJM had a rating of 3.75 at the time I checked. I had a 3.98. I noticed something weird - When most of the entries had around 100 votes, Rocketfan (the guy that was chosen as the winner in the end) had over 130 votes. He got had a rather high rating (still much lower than RJM's). When I've mentioned it in the comments, calling him a cheater, he soon replied that his is such a good photoshop and sounded like it's about skill, not the funny concept. Soon me and RJM had a 0 votes count (!) and his was over 200 votes and 3.6 rating. I have no idea why me and RJM were voted again from zero.

Since I was getting votes anew, I got an even higher rating than a few hours before that (I guess the one star fairies ran out of alts; someone who already voted before the new count couldn't rate again). With a 4 star rating I had the highest rated entry, with a much higher score than Rocketfan and RJM. The recount affected RJM the most, which (in my opinion) should win and had both a cool concept and artistic skill.

Here are the antries that were voted highest:





Here's the cheater entry that was chosen the winner:


How did this shit win? Is it even funny? Not done very well either. If you've read the comments, you probably noticed that RJM and me were usually user favorites. This shit had won even though it had a lower rating than mine. I'm not saying that I should win. The prize should be RJM's.

Now check the comments and rating of the jockeyed pic itself (it's featured on the main page as the winner).


Read the comments. Why did it win? Hundreds of other users ask themselves the same question. If you're competing in a contest with a 10$ prize (that's how much you get for 50 000 ebones), why do you cheat? It's cool to get your name into the winning lodge, but how is that winning if you cheated? Why did the users have the option to rate the entries, if the highest voted submittal didn't win?

I congratulate RJM for winning the contest, since it's his Terminator that was the user's choice. He's the rightful winner.
Uploaded 02/05/2011
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