Cheerleaders are Evil!



Never mind how the cheerleaders sell their souls in the back seats of cars to gain populariity. How many times have men been driven to injure themselves in sports because women cheered them on?  The man can be all out of fight and the cheerleaders drive them on to get back in the game and get injured worse.

How many women have cheered their husbands and sons to make war?  How many people were injured or killed because of it?  Of course there are male cheerleaders, too.

Some men teach their sons the glory of war and spur them on to fight. 

"If you win the big game, you'll be rewarded."

Well, we see how the veterans who DID survive were treated.  Many of them have medical and psychological issues that the government doesn't want to pay for.  The Viet Nam War officially remained a "conflict" for years because if they started calling it a war they would have to pay benefits, so, just as the high school football coaches told the cheerleaders, "Don't give the football players any pussy if they lose the game," the government war cheerleaders didn't want to give the Viet Nam Veterans any "benefit pussy" for losing the... er... conflict.

Officially, the "police action" November 1st, 1955 and ended April 30th 1975.  The government referred to them as "Vietnam Era Veterans" rather than "Vietnam War Veterans,"  though now the United States Department of Veteran Affairs now calls it a war in their agent orange section.

"Agent Orange

Agent Orange was a defoliant used during the Vietnam War. Some known effects are listed in 38 CFR §3.309(e)."

There were no gains in foriegn policy, there were no military gains, and there were no social gains.

The only gain was to a small group of corporations who benefited from the military industrial complex such as the producers of chemicals like Agent Orange (Dow Chemical, Monsanto, etc.), weapons manufacturers, rubber companies, arms dealers, munitions factories, etc.  Thousands of lives on both sides were lost and many more were injured as the war cheerleaders cheered them on.

The same types of problems have faced veterans of recent wars.  The same war cheerleaders who sent them to war on false pretenses.  If it weren't for Democratic Senator Al Franken, those exposed to Agent Orange would still be having trouble getting their treatment.  Most likely many in the current government would tell them, "Stop asking for government handouts.  Get a job!  Quit expecting a nanny state!"  According to Veterans Today.

...the Republicans want to eliminate some veterans benefits passed in the Democratic-controlled legislature. GOP leaders vowed in their 'Pledge to America' that, if they take power, they will cut veterans benefits because they are not 'paid for.'


Still, young men with fire in their eyes spurred on by their favorite cheerleaders still enlist to fight in senseless wars. The cheerleaders may be their mothers, their girlfriends or boyfriends, their fathers, or even their favorite politicians. These days, young men and women alike are cheered to their injury or death. As I said, cheerleaders are evil.


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