It's a very literal word, you know. It is the most slight of things that changes everything, yet so real are the effects that it makes us who we are. Sometimes bonds break, and sometimes they combine, but never without byproducts. Usually, that being a lot of heat.

Some people fear chemistry for that very reason. You can get burned, and sometimes two elements have unpredictable reactions. Ah, but this is where the real magic lies. You don't know what's going to happen, what you will learn, what you will see, or where it might take you. All you do know is that you're going to learn something profound.

Sure, take the precautions, but take a little risk, too. To do otherwise, -to simply seek equilibrium-, only results in decay; an endothermic lifespan with no release of energy, nothing to learn, no new colors, and no heat. Simply a process. Perhaps some mediocre change drawn out over time, nearly to the point of being unnoticed. Only when you look back will you have recognized the change, but never before your eyes. Never in the moment. Never as you live it. Almost as though never at all.

And then there is exothermic reactions, like a lifeform being made in a glass beaker for everyone to see. There is energy. There is fire. A little danger. Maybe a lot. But everyone notices the change, and turns to watch in awe. With every fiery flash of light, they observe and feel the energy, as though to take it in, and experience it by proxy. When it sparks, their eyes light up. When it burns, they want to feel the heat. And it when it fizzles, they do too.

You can't fake chemistry. When the elements are there, things light  up. Cook up something new every now and then. Figure out what ingredients you like, take a taste, and pour all you've got in. Turn up the heat, and let the reactions be as they may. Stop adding flour, and try a little baking soda. Heat things up. Watch the water boil. And don't ever be afraid of some interesting chemistry.

After all, chemistry is amazing, and it is everything in you.

Uploaded 08/29/2011
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