I've recently discussed chess game play with a lot of Ebaumsworld users and I've noticed a funny pattern. A lot of people are very audible about their chess skills, even though they are very meager in reality. To make a long story short, after talking about chess and how cool it would be to play it online, I've decided to put those promises under test, because a lot of people said that they'd crush me in chess.

The reality?

I've played with around 20 Ebaumsworld users so far and I haven't won with... one of them.

The only Ebaumsworld user I played chess with I didn't beat was Scoobyfoo (who's a master chess player, btw).

A lot of people would say: "yeah, but someone might cheat and copy moves from an engine."

That's why most of the games were fast games with 10 minutes to spare for each player. With a small amount of time to use on your moves, it's evident whether or not you copy moves, but even if you do... you lose, because you time out. So, the Rapid chess system is flawless for determining chess skills in a fair match. So, who did I win against so far?

1. JayT

2. Wyldjitt

3. Whalleywhat

4. RJM

5. Aaronch

6. Ninkly

7. Blade_

8. Guitarlover

9. Mex69

10. Slayer

11. Jsanchez

12. EsotericDaemon

13. Challenger09

14. Solace01

15. Mr_Shit

16. Rabnud

17. JayBMF

18. Seany666

in no particular order.

I like how I crushed some players viciously, and made them resign. That's twice the win (like I did with that bitch boy Wyldjitt, when I took his rook and knight like candy from a baby). The cool thing is, the games are archivised and you can review them, so none of these people can troll out of this shit.

Anywho... do you think you could challenge me in chess? Go ahead. Bitch.

Uploaded 10/29/2013
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