Chico's tacos

Last week I got very board so I started flipping through channels trying to find something interesting, when something caught my eye. It turns out a gay couple was kicked out of chico's tacos for being gay. Now they are protesting and calling it disrimination, but the reason they were kicked was because they were kissing. Now right when I heard about this I could already smell a group of angry religous warriors about to enforce there protesting rights. If it were a normal couple kissing in this chicos tacos than I wouldn't mind, but I dont blame chico's for kicking them out because some people find such behavior offensive or indescent. Now im not going to bitch about my opinion on this incident, im just not that kind of person. Later on I read about what happened in the news paper, I gotta say that this made my day because I feed off of these people's emotions. I cant wait to hear more, chicos tacos vs two angry homos this is gonna be great! 

     So these gays are calling what happened " discrimination ", I myself believe it was fair because nobody would care if those two hungry homos came in, ate some tacos and left. But than they had to push the limits by making out with eachother. Its to bad I can only imagine an angry religous guy spartan kicking a gay guy into the debts of hell. I dont have anything against gays, but the bottom line is that if your a gay guy who likes to go in public places to make out than chicos tacos is not for you. The gay couple was escorted out by two security guards, but I would have just thrown a dildo outside than locked them out when they ran outside to get it.

Uploaded 07/09/2009
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