Children, Kick them?

   I say yes but studys suggest that shaking them will realy get your point across.  Some other methods to help you teach that pesky child to stop breathing so loudly.  You can allways water board him or you can let him see you wipe his meals on the family dog or your ass.  You could shave on his pillow,  piss in his sneakers when he uses the rest room.  then order him to clean them.  Also you want him to be a good worker so make him take care of the senile neighbor,Wiping old people asses sounds like fun but it is not and he will soon learn that.  That will keep him away for a good amount of time.

   If you guys have any ideas that will help out potential parents I suggest you post advice on how to train and house break your child. This was a fast blog but I didn't accuse anyone of dieing. Except vern troyer ... He is totaly dead now trust me.



Matt the leader of the living dead . AND ZOMBIES!!!!!


Children should not be kicked that was a joke. But the rest is all legal trust me.

Uploaded 06/19/2009
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