Childrens TV

Is it just me or is children's TV retarded these days?

Just to clarify I'm talking about shows aimed at very young children.

Have any of the ebaums users out there watched any children's TV recently? I'm guessing that you might agree with me if you have.

I remember when I watched TV as a child there was some old bitch who flew around in an old plane with the Dulux dog (a mascot for an English paint company, not the dog in the show, it was just the same breed) and talked about shops, carnivals, oranges and other things to expand our young brains. Now that is just one show in particular, however the majority of them were also fairly educational as well.

And what do children get these days? Well I will tell you, they get bouncing hermaphroditic blobs who talk as much shit as two prostitutes out on their first week long crack binge. I'm certainly not saying that there isn't any educational shows out there, just that seems to be a severe lack of them. Which rather disturbs me, do we want children bombarded with crap from an early age, or with learning?

Maybe I was just watching the wrong show, which admittedly wasn't for that long either (I couldn't handle any more of that shit, AGGGGGHHHHHH!!). Then again maybe children's TV is just really, really retarded.


Uploaded 04/04/2009
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