Chilli Devil Fruit

Yes the most holy and amazing of all the vegetation on this planet (in my opinion that is), the tasty little scorcher that is made out of awesomeness and capsaicin. This is my blog playing homage to that lovely little fruit.

I consider the first bite of almost any food that is heavily laden chilli, and let's be honest it goes with almost anything, on better than hit of pure ecstasy. It's the slightly odd tingling feeling that you get when it hits your tongue, I imagine that this is how a girl might feel when they put something long in somewhere else that can get tingly, that does it for me.

If I could I would eat those little pieces of rectal pain at every meal, but alas my dreams are spoiled by the rest of my family's disgust for said joyous fruit. As such I am limited to only using one chilli when I cook. DAMN.

I think the main reason why I and others of the same ilk like chilli's so much is that they release endorphins (which are also released when you orgasm, I think?) into the brain in a similar manner to chocolate. What I can be pleasurable to eat fruit? I'm there.

So pass me the bowl of chillis, a carton of milf (ha i'm going to leave this spelling mistake) for afterwards, and a tray of ice cubes............................

P.S. join my chilli lovers group if you like chillis and can be bothered.

Over and out captain.



Uploaded 04/05/2009
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