Choke the Rich

I hope they choke
on the dreams that they broke
Unable to digest,
scratches at their throat
The fallout will bury
The fortunate folk
they who have cash
unbeknownst, they're now broke

Those people born,
with silver spoons in their mouth
Will soon discover
how to do without

There are no more slaves,
Cuz the slaves have no work
The factories lay empty
Like carcasses in the dirt

The kings have their kingdoms,
palaces of stone
But a crowd gathers outside
to burn down their home

Off with their heads,
And out with their schemes
they outstep their boundries,
and crush our dreams

Most of us would settle
for a life thats content
neither happy, nor sad
with loss infrequent

Dullness was something
so commonplace
A stable economy
no longer the case

The ones on the top
believe they are beyond
the repercussions and outcomes
here, and across the pond

Over in Europe,
the moneys the same
Its worthless and dropping
They have themselves to blame

but enough of my chatting,
just get out the rope
our dreams aren't the only things
that will make the rich choke

Uploaded 07/31/2012
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