chriss1519 I never do this, but you made me

I have never personally attacked anyone before, but for the love of fuck chriss1519 would you actually read more then a sentance of a blog before wiping your comment feces all over it. I'm not low enough to insult your level of literacy or anything, but speaking for everyone here for a real debate, try and be informed before you argue. it's as simple as reading the content of the blog before you go bandying about the words 'liberal' and 'pagan'. Not everyone who isn't christian conservative deserves your labels. both religion and politics are broad feilds and I'm sure no one apreciates your narrow view of all things. Before you go saying pagan, understand that pagan just means country man. that's what it literally means. It was a name for many greek and roman religions and druidism and such, and then evolved into a derogatory term for people to use to mock one another's beliefs. Liberal just means broad minded, which is something you could benefit from learning to be more of. while I'm at it, not everyone who criticizes something about america wants to go live in europe. many people are critical because they love thier country and expect the best from it. what many people love about this country is that we are granted the liberty to feel how we wish to feel and criticize what we feel deserves criticism. I'm sure lincoln would roll over in his grave that a senseless jackass like you can denounce people for excising thier liberties and still call himself an American.

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