Christian Arrogance.

Nothing's more satisfying on religious-themed media than winning an argument without saying a word. I've had a lot of kooks comment on my galleries over the weeks since I've started my Atheism and Religion string, and even submitted a "Best of" gallery on the more stupid comment contributions.

But probably the most telling and entertaining are the ones by freaks arguing points that completely miss the object of the content submitted. Furthermore, when they're weak and fruitless points.


This is always one of my favorite angles. The self-righteous servant of God's thinly-veiled decree of divine edification. It doesn't matter to them that they don't know you from their dirty asshole - they need for you to know they've got the answers to life and the great beyond, and feel it anything but arrogant to proclaim a sense of remorse you aren't as special and illuminated as they are.

Except what makes me sad is they aren't. Just as I pointed out with nary a hitch, this poor, pathetic loss has no powers, enlightenment, or answers I don't. It would be the same if he were talking to a condemned inmate. Actually, an inmate might be more humble. And certainly would never delude himself.

Yet the most lamentable aspect is how the entire concept of someone thinking outside their box, even viewing it as sick, deluded, and backwards, completely escapes them. But the good thing is it only further supports my knowledge of what's scary, stupid, and dangerous about these people. And will make further gallery submissions more interesting.

Just what I was talking about. I don't think anyone could've said it better than Bill Maher in his closing monologue of Religulous:

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