Christianity, A Copy-Cat Joke

Similarities prior to "Jesus Maniacs"

Horus(3000 BC in Egypt)
Born on December 25th of a virgin.
Was adorned by 3 Egyptian kings who followed the Eastern star.
He was a teacher at 12 and baptized at 30, where he began his ministry.
During Horus' baptism he became the only son of the Father, the Holy Spirit, represented by a bird.(Jesus was a dove)
He had 12 disciples who would go around healing the sick and walking on water.
He was referred to as the light, the truth, the good sheppard, the lamb of God etc.

Similarities with others

Attis(Greece 1200 BC) - Born of a virgin on December 25th, crucified, put into a tomb for 3 days and resurrected

Diomysus( Greece 500 BC) - Born of a virgin on December 25th, performed miracles(including turning water into wine), was called the King of Kings, God's Only Son and the Alpha and Omega.

Mithra (Persia 1200 BC) - Born of a virgin on December 25th, had 12 disciples, performed miracles and was buried for three days and resurrected. Was known as "The Truth", "The Light" etc. Mithra's day of worphip was also on Sunday.

Krishna(India 900 BC) - Born of a virgin, signalled by an Eastern star, performed miracles with his disciples, and was resurrected.
And the list goes on and on with these similar attributes.
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