Christianity and people who help it be told

I have been reading many blogs lately and there is one name i have seen many times lately. The name is Ellemen. I just want to say that you are helping christianity be told and i want to thank you for that. You talk about it without stereo typing or puting people down unless there being an ass.


But what the christians that do the oppisite of Ellemen are just making christians look like crap and make the people pull farther away from are religion. I am a huge christian and if you need to be prayed for or if you want to learn more about God than send me a message. I try to do whatever i can in my citie to help people and one day i would like to work with little kids and teach them about God.


All that i am trying to say is that any one that needs to be prayed for that you know come to me and i will pray for him or her. Or if you want to learn about god send me a message and i will gladly help.

Uploaded 07/14/2008
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