Christians, tell me where I am wrong

I am kinda sick of these religious debates but I just thought of this so what the hell.

god creates all things, therefore god created me.

god created me, i have freewill and grew up to be an atheist.

god is omniscient and isn't governed by our rules of time so god knows that after I am born I will become an atheist.

So god created me to be knowing I will be an atheist.

Since I am an atheist I will go to hell.

So god created me knowing I would go to hell.

So when god created me he knew that he was making a person that would have to endure a lifetime of pain and suffering.

This doesn't sound like a god i would want to worship.


I'm sure the first thing that christians will say is I have the freewill to disobey god and god gave that to me, but if god is truly omniscient and well god, then he would know in the future that I will become an atheist.

I'm not sure I got everything right but I can't find any mistakes, so let me know where I'm wrong.

Uploaded 07/15/2008
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